Behind the Scenes

Meet the Team!

Owner/CEO/Creator/Designer/Marketer: Fran O'Neal

Hey guys, I'm Fran! I created LDV last year and now finally just taking the steps to fulfilling my dream. I love to inspire people in so many different ways and that's what LDV is all about. I want to help people find their purpose as I have found mine and ignite that fire that keeps them going. I am beyond shocked of how far I have come but it's an absolute blessing that I can have an impact on the world through fashion. I could not have done any of this without my partner Katey and my friends and family. Katey motivates me everyday to create and be the best person I can be to myself and to others. Katey is the production manager for LDV as well as a co-creator and designer. She is the "make it happen" girl and I would not have been able to make LDV without her.

 It's been crazy balancing college and a small business but it comes easy when you realize that you are passionate about what you do so the worries and the stresses comes and goes. I have one of the greatest support systems ever! My family is the reason I was confident enough to be myself and to make LDV. I grew up in the Philippines where poverty and living on the streets was normal. When I was given the opportunity to have a better life I didn't let it go.. because I know the feeling of having nothing. I want to fulfill my life with amazing memories and inspiration. I want to inspire people to take action in their life. I want fashion to be just beyond what we wear but who we are as a person and what we represent. I want the world to see that there is so many GOOD people and things beyond the everyday living that we all are phased by. We have the opportunity to help and give back to our neighbors yet we have grown into a society that tears each other apart. It's time for a change. LDV will be bigger than a clothing brand and a fashion statement. I hope and pray LDV can be a platform that inspires, helps, and change the world to be a better place. We will have purpose. We will ignite. 

-Fran :) 

Creator/Co-Designer/Production Manager: Katey Hannah

Hi guys, I'm Katey! I work alongside Fran with producing and designing clothes. I am so proud of her and her accomplishments! It's been so much fun producing clothes and creating amazing ideas for LDV. I am excited for what is next! 

-Katey :)

BTS (Behind the Scenes)