In Memory of Jake Dillon Smith

In memory of Jake Dillon Smith, aka "SkneeBoi", I provided a special opportunity and opening of my website for the purpose of all profits of the sales went towards his family. I personally designed the T-shirt in the most way we all can represent him. In the back of the T-Shirt, notice that he's got his phone to his ear, I wanna make this a symbol to everyone that it's his calling, and that if we want him close and miss him- ring him up in Heaven and pray because he's there when you least know it. To his family and his best friends, you know how important it was for him to be remembered in "FLS", "forever lit sknee". Jake believed in my brand, LDV. Jake was so hyped to represent the products I was gonna make and he supported my crazy dream of going designer. For him, I was inspired by his hustle, his hard work, and his loyalty to his friends. I'm forever going to carry those things into my life and in this brand. Feel free to share this blog. 

Thank you all, 


and as always

"L'appel Du Vide" 



By Franchesca ONeal (Owner/Designer)

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